AI is escalating more swiftly than one could ever imagine.

Having immense attention in this day and age, AI has come to be the salient object in Game Industries.

A game is what, people crave for today. And we are facing more strenuous and different amends frequently in this growing environment, in which AI is playing a strong and vital part. Today, most people are familiar with the term AI(Artificial Intelligence), which is a way of making software, does intelligent works just as humans by intelligently imitating a human’s mind through chunks of code.

Speaking of chess, in 1996 first game ever played by Deep Blue a computer made by IBM in opposition to world chess champion Garry Kasparov. The first match was won by Kasparov. The second match was held in 1997, Deep Blue beat Kasparov on the 19th move and became a reigning world chess champion. The working of Deep Blue computer is, it scans all possible outcomes(stored states) from the current position, then it runs all the feasible states from the next position as well and it does until it reaches the way to checkmate. That’s how it can discern the fastest ways to win. Furthermore, computer parallelly checks up to 200 million states per second. Here, you can find the comprehensive detail of Algorithm.In March 2016, AlphaGo, an AI designed by Google’s deep mind beat the champion of the Chinese board game of Go. Demis Hassabis was so elated by the victory of AlphaGo,

Go has many more possible configurations than chess, so its computation is evidently difficult. But, yes, in this they have used a deep reinforcement learning approach, defines as to take many possible actions to get a reward and chooses an action through which it earns the best reward. There is another story of very old and popular game Mario, Sethbling a programmer developed a computer program who learned by itself how to play Super Mario World. That program, named MarI/O taught itself by doing different tries, example it learned from its own demise and tried to jump in every next try at each and every point it got killed previously. It followed a neural network approach to learn how to play a game, this approach is same as human brain’s working process. In 34 tries only it completed a whole level.


Michael Cook, a Research Associate in Goldsmiths’ Department of Computing fabricated an AI which is capable of visualizing video games. He started to develop the machine called ANGELINA, short for “A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I’ve Named ANGELINA” in 2010 which is capable of designing video games by itself. Moreover, he is also interested in learning to design games. Since 2011, it has created many exploratory video games and got positive reactions from the people in the competition.

Recently, researchers at Elon Musk’s OpenAI created a safe AI to play against the human players and got triumph by beating professional players in few games like Dota 2. You can find in Elon Musk’s tweet as well,

Defeat human professional players in games are tough as they are experienced since a long time. OpenAI has been presenting its improved version with each game. Working of AI is to grasp things during play, basically, it learns while playing with a copy of itself and simultaneously uses needed previously learned actions. In this, they used a deep reinforcement learning approach as used to make AlphaGo. Next, they decided to build a team of five AI and train them enough to stand facing top professional teams in Dota. On the other side, Elon Musk has shown his apprehension of AI by stating on Twitter as,

Although, he wasn’t the only one who put that statement to warn public. Stephen Hawking in 2014 came out and said, “But the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”, additionally, he also mentioned, “We shall make AI which would give the beneficial outcome and in advance we should be aware of the consequences we will be facing in future.”

From these few different stories of games, we’ve gotten to know how AI has improved itself time after time. Each version far surpasses its previous one. People have commenced expecting more from AI in near future. They are eagerly waiting to see at what extent AI ameliorates itself and shows its improved form in games. For time being, we can say this won’t be inconvenient for masterminds to achieve their further goal regarding AI in future. Still, we can’t say anything about what would happen next and make assumptions, we can merely hope for the good result.

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