Probabilistic Reasoning for AI Self-Driving Cars

By. Dr. Lance Eliot, AI Trends Insider Is it going to rain tomorrow? If you were to answer that question, would you say that it absolutely positively will rain tomorrow? Or, would you say that it absolutely positively won’t rain tomorrow? Here in Southern California, we only get about 15 days of rain during the […]

AI Beats Humans in Reading Comprehension for First Time

Artificial intelligence programs built by Alibaba and Microsoft have beaten humans on a Stanford University reading comprehension test. “This is the first time that a machine has outperformed humans on such a test,” Alibaba said in a statement Monday. The test was devised by artificial intelligence experts at Stanford to measure computers’ growing reading abilities. Alibaba’s software was the […]

Deep Compression and Pruning for Machine Learning in AI Self-Driving Cars: Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

By Dr. Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider When my son was very young, he and I played a board game that he seemed specially to enjoy. It required concentration and dexterity, and a bit of imagination along with a dose of excitement. If you made a mistake during the game, there would be a […]

CognitiveScale CEO: What to expect in AI in 2018

By Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO & Co-founder, CognitiveScale AI Will Not Be Commoditized Only one in 20 companies has extensively incorporated AI in offerings or processes. Less than 39% of all companies have an AI strategy in place. According to MIT Sloan Review, the largest companies — those with at least 100,000 employees — are the […]

NVIDIA GPU Cloud Now Available to Thousands of AI Researchers Using NVIDIA Desktop GPUs

NVIDIA this week announced that hundreds of thousands of AI researchers using desktop GPUs can now tap into the power of NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) as the company has extended NGC support to NVIDIA TITAN. NVIDIA also announced expanded NGC capabilities — adding new software and other key updates to the NGC container registry — to provide researchers […]

Swarm Intelligence and AI Self-Driving Cars: Stigmergy and Boids

By Dr. Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider There was a dog on the freeway the other day. I’ve seen a lot of items scattered on the freeways during my daily commute, including lawn chairs, ladders, pumpkins (a truck carrying Halloween pumpkins had gotten into an accident and spilled its load of pumpkin patch pumpkins), […]

Healthcare adoption of AI picking up speed; machine learning in high use

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is at the end of the beginning: It’s been researched, introduced, proven to work, and it’s been put to use in real clinical settings. But adoption is slow. Healthcare has only explored the tip of the iceberg and, of course, there is much work ahead to improve patient care. AI in […]

Researchers Combat Gender and Racial Bias in AI with Teams

When Timnit Gebru was a student at Stanford University’s prestigious Artificial Intelligence Lab, she ran a project that used Google Street View images of cars to determine the demographic makeup of towns and cities across the U.S.  While the AI algorithms did a credible job of predicting income levels and political leanings in a given area, Gebru says her work was susceptible […]