Data Science for Startups: Data Pipelines

Source: TheDigitalArtist at pixabay.comPart three of my ongoing series about building a data science discipline at a startup. You can find links to all of the posts in the introduction.Building data pipelines is a core component of data science at a st…

Getting started with Pentaho Reporting

INTRODUCTION   Pentaho Reporting is a suite (collection of tools) for creating relational and analytical reporting. Using Pentaho, we can transform complex data into meaningful reports and draw information out of them. This is the getting started guide to give the head start to one who is willing to use Pentaho Reporting tool. This tutorial […]

Getting started with dplyr in R using Titanic Dataset

dplyr is one of the most popular r-packages and also part of tidyverse that’s been developed by Hadley Wickham. The mere fact that dplyr package is very famous means, it’s one of the most frequently used. Being a data scientist is not always about creating sophisticated models but Data Analysis (Manipulation) and Data Visualization play […]

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