Building a Daily Bitcoin Price Tracker with Coindeskr and Shiny in R

Let’s admit it. The whole world has been going crazy with Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC), the first cryptocurrency (in fact, the first digital currency to solve the double-spend problem) introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto has become bigger than well-established firms (even a few countries). So, a lot of Bitcoin Enthusiasts and Investors are looking to keep a […]

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    Behavioral Analysis of GitHub and StackOverflow Users

    In this blog post, we will take a look at the activity on websites that
    became a significant part of development across all areas in, as well as,
    outside of Data Science:¬†GitHub and StackOverflow. It doesn’t matter where
    developers are from or what their specific focus is, everyone uses these

    How to perform Logistic Regression, LDA & QDA in R

    Classification algorithm defines set of rules to identify a category or group for an observation. There is various classification algorithm available like Logistic Regression, LDA, QDA, Random Forest, SVM etc. Here I am going to discuss Logistic regression, LDA, and QDA. The classification model is evaluated by confusion matrix. This matrix is represented by a […]

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